2-Day Workshop on Academic Writing for International Publication

As a series of 10-day Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta’s International Visiting in Thailand, we arranged 2-day “Workshop on Academic Writing for Publication” between 20 – 21 February 2017.

Together with DL-Enterprise we acknowledge a high demand for publication in international scholarly journal, either for faculty members or students. However, little is available for them to prepare a good manuscript to be acceptable for publication. Moreover, academic writing in English which is not the mother tongue can be a great barrier for scholars in publishing their works.

Method section by Dyah Anantalia Widyastari (Founder of Indonesian Scholars Alliance – InSchooL). “Method should be CLEAN and CLEAR”.


To strengthen academic skills in writing for publication, we delightedly provided three exercise sessions, by Doni Marisi Sinaga (Founder of Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance). It may help the participants to identify RESEARCH PROBLEMS on an international journal, design proper METHODS, and write a highlighted CONCLUSION.

Hosted by Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, this 2-day workshop aims to:
1. Guide the participants to prepare their manuscripts to be acceptable for publication in international journal,
2. Prepare the participants to present their works in academic forum such as international conference,
3. Assist participants to publish their papers in international scholarly journals.

With theme “Mastering Your Paper: Presentation in International Conference and Publication in International Journal” this workshop was followed with a Seminar Class, by Dr. Mark Stephan Felix from Faculty of Social Science and Humanity, Mahidol University.

We are glad having two great facilitators in providing assistance and guidance to the students and faculty member in preparing their manuscript to be publishable in a good and indexed scholarly journals – Mr. Joko Gunawan (Founder of Belitung Nursing Journal), Mr. Ramadhan Tosepu (Founder of Public Health of Indonesia).


Determine Your Research Problem. “Research problem is a problem. Finding research problem is another problem, and it will always be the problem if you cannot find the research problem. So problem a research problem is your problem. It’s still a problem when it’s a problem” – by Joko Gunawan (Founder of Belitung Nursing Journal).


From conducting literature review to introduction to International Journal Submission by Mr. Ramadhan Tosepu (Founder of Public Health of Indonesia), we wish this workshop helpful in understanding comprehensively about the academic world of scholarly journals.

This class may strengthen the students’ writing for their academic publication. We hope the success to the 50 midwifery students from Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta for their nearly future academic publication.