Speech: Challenges and Opportunities for Indonesian Students in Thailand

An honor and bless for the chance sharing our experience in how Indonesian student facing challenges and opportunities during study in Thailand, among the other 3 honorable presenters for the “ASEAN People in Flux Series”, organized by SEA-Junction, Nov 2, 2017.

From left to right: Jaruwat Kiatiwongse, Ahmad Wisnu Mulyadi, Zin Mar Oo, Dyah Anantalia Widyastari, Rosalia Sciortino Sumaryono.

With almost 500 Indonesian students choosing study in Thailand, there are long lists of story among this huge community. Ms. Dyah Anantalia Widyastari, Founder and Director of Yayasan Aliansi Cendekiawan Indonesia Thailand, internationally known as Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance, highlight 5 opportunities among the Indonesian students in Thailand; 1) Academic supports, 2) Social supports, 3) Extended networks, 4) Extended experience, 5) Personal growth and development.

Presenting as a student, under Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance, not only working behind the desk, we actively organize seminar, training, internship, even conference. The next incoming conference the 3rd International Conference on Applied Science and Health will be held on July 2018. From this conference, we published two peer reviewed publications, including conference proceedings and Global Health Management Journal.

Every weekend, we conduct a training class in Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance‘ house for our people. From the very beginning of conducting a literature review, conceptualizing a research framework, running reference managers (EndNote, Mendeley), mining and using secondary data for analysis, appraisal critical paper, running statistical analysis tool (SPSS), until reaching the target to publish academic papers.

    Weekly training at Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance’s house for the volunteers.

Our philosophy lies in our logo, the torch of knowledge. As a torch, we hope to bring a light to lead our beneficiaries to a new world where their knowledge and experiences can be shared and expanded. Our ultimate goal is to enable knowledge exchange, sharing expertise and experiences among Indonesia and Thailand scholars by providing access to varying resources.

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