EDITORIAL: On the need for global health care solutions in the spirit of the International Conference on Applied Science and Health (ICASH)

Back to February 23rd, 2017, our very first International Conference on Applied Science and Health (ICASH) succeed promoting global health innovation.

This joint conference between Diponegoro University, Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, and Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University received high enthusiasm and attention from the pupils, brought together experts, practitioners, professionals and students from applied science and health related fields.

After blindly reviewed by our scientific committees, there are 135 papers have met the acceptance requirements set forth by the International and Local Scientific Reviewer. There are 67 marvelous papers have been presented in Oral session whilst the other 68 enormous works have been delivered in one-hour Poster session.

What we shared is available in the published conference proceedings registered at National Library of Indonesia and available at <http://publications.inschool.id/index.php/icash/index>. This series is also available in printing version.

We invited Prof. Andrew J. Macnab, Editor in Chief, Global Health Management Journal, to write the first editorial paper and summarize the importance of ICASH in on the need for global health care solutions.

Global Health Management Journal was established by the founders of ICASH to be a platform for presenting the outcome of projects intended to define where scientific, educational, technological and social innovation can be applied to improve health. This first edition highlights three of the presentations made at ICASH 2017.

The journal will be valuable in this regard, as it will provide a forum for young investigators to describe bold scientific ideas and social innovations able to save and improve lives alongside reports of new forms of cooperation and effective health services delivery. This combination of innovations that integrate science and technology with education and social change together will meet the recognized need for greater understanding of “what works and why” and in turn contribute to more sustainable health improvements for society as a whole.

Link to Full Article of Promoting global health innovation: On the need for global health care solutions in the spirit of the International Conference on Applied Science and Health (ICASH), By Andrew J Macnab: http://publications.inschool.id/index.php/ghmj/article/view/181