2-Day Short Course Training for Dental Nurse Students in Thailand

To enable knowledge exchange, sharing expertise and experiences among Indonesia and Thailand scholars, we arranged 2-day visit for post-graduate applied science students in dental and oral health (dental therapist) in Semarang Health Polytechnic (Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang).

We design vary ranged tailor-made programs to provide students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning in the course of study to a relevant work environment. This short course is to bring opportunities for students to enhance their intercultural knowledge through collaboration and cross-cultural exchanges in a variety of settings.

This training objective is to provide participants the information and knowledge to design programs in the area of oral health survey and oral health prevention as a school-based programme in Thailand.

Not only gain knowledge from Thailand site, the post-graduate intern students also presented Oral Health Care in Indonesia. This short training course program facilitates their ability to adapt to join the future workforce. It is expected, the graduates will uphold the values of the original culture and is able to control themselves to foreign cultures with a standardize competencies (hard skills) as well as personality and behavioral skills character (soft skills). Thus, field experiences expose professionals to effective examples from which ideas can be drawn and applied to home country.

Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance (InSchool), together with DL-Enterprise, as organizing committee bridge two institutions from Indonesia and Thailand.

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