Call for Paper: The 3rd International Conference on Applied Science and Health (Keynote Speakers and Partners)

A Hopi proverb said, “One finger cannot lift a pebble.”

As our ultimate goal is to enable knowledge exchange, sharing expertise and experiences among Indonesia and Thailand scholars by providing access to varying resources, Yayasan Alliance Cendekiawan Indonesian Scholars Alliance, or internationally known as Indonesian Scholars’ Alliance, proudly presents a medium to share knowledge and experience among scholars, health practitioners and scientist in Asia-Pacific region.

Save the date for the 3rd International Conference on Applied Science and Health (ICASH3), August 2nd, 2018, hosted by Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand.


This year, we are welcoming delegations and representatives from at least the four co-hosts from Indonesia and Thailand: (1) Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University; (2) Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia; (3) Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia; and (4) Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI).


From this collaboration, we greatly announce that the 3rd International Conference on Applied Science and Health has been recognized as a certified scientific event by Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI) or internationally known as the Indonesian Public Health Association (IPHA):

* Speaker (5 SKP)
* Presenter at Oral Session (5 SKP)
* Presenter at Poster Session (3 SKP)
* Attendance Non Presenter (3 SKP)
* Moderator (3 SKP)
* Committee (3 SKP)


For the 3rd ICASH, we confirmed three experts will deliver their keynote speeches in responding our main theme this year, “Addressing global health challenges: policy, research, and practices”

1) Prof. Andrew J. Macnab 

Departments of Pediatrics and Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
“Global Health: Challenges and opportunities for translating policy into practice”

2) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mathuros Tipayamongkholgul

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University Thailand
“Epidemiology for health policy”

3) Dr. Adang Bachtiar, MPH, D.Sc.

Director, Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies (CHAMPS), Universitas Indonesia.
Chairman, Advisory Board of Indonesian Public Health Association (IPHA)
“Current state of the art health policy in Indonesia”


We dedicate all papers presented in the oral session to be published online on our ISSN-registered conference proceedings, while authors from the selected papers will be encouraged to submit the paper extension to the ISSN-registered Global Health Management Journal.

The reports feature vary areas of efforts to develop health and well-being for better society such as factors of illness, epidemiology, health promotion, health policy, nutrition, environmental health and safety, nursing and midwifery, and other sciences related to health development.

The two publications are indexed by Google Scholar and WorldCat, and available online at


Authors should submit manuscripts through EasyChair System. Before the submission, information of each author should be provided and filled at the form, including First Name and Last Name, email, country, and organization. Each author marked as a corresponding author will receive email messages from the system about this submission. There must be at least one corresponding author. Author(s) should submit manuscript until June 17, 2017. All submitted papers must be in .doc format. All submitted manuscripts to the committee will undergo a single-blind peer review where both reviewer’s and author’s identity will not be disclosed. In some cases, the revised manuscripts will be re-reviewed. The final decision on paper acceptance will be made on the basis of this full paper review. Technical information about the full-text paper requirement as the “Guidelines for Author(s)”.

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We take seriously the value of intellectual property and the caution of copyright. Thus, to enable us to disseminate the submitted work to the fullest extent, authors are required to sign Copyright Transfer Agreement Form. By signing this Copyright Transfer Agreement Form, the contributors (authors) warrant that the entire work submitted for participation in the 3rd International Conference on Applied Science and Health (ICASH3) is original. To proceed the reports to our Publication, the articles should have never been published before or under consideration for publication in any other journals.

Here’s the link to download Copyright Transfer Agreement Form.

Moreover, for authors who wish participation without publications should notify the committee immediately after manuscript acceptance. The request can be sent to and with email subject “Participation without publications” following with your Submission Number which sent to your registered email after submission at the online system.

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